From Utah to Oregon – Road Trip

Traveled by: Samantha | @playingf0rkeeps + Infinite Abyss

  • Mix of adventure + leisure
  • Off the beaten path

Samantha actually started the trip over the border in Wyoming where she lives, but Salt Lake City is the closest city.

This is a road trip from Salt Lake City to Oregon. Destination: Crystal Crane Hot Springs – they have a tipi with a hot tub in it!

Day 1: Salt Lake City to Boise via I-84

Starting point: Salt Lake City, UT

Stop 1: On the way, we stopped in Boise to stay for the night at a place called the Modern Hotel and Bar. We ate at a restaurant called Bacon for lunch and visited a little handmade store called Mixed Greens.

Day 2: Boise, ID to Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Burns, OR via I-84 + I-20

From there, we drove to Oregon and stayed the night at Crystal Crane Hot Springs, which was really cool and in the middle of nowhere.

Day 3: Burns, OR to Idaho City + Grandjean Campground via I-20 + I-84

Afterwards, we drove back home through the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. We stopped in Idaho City, a really cool little old western town with about 60 people, and then found a spot to camp on the river in Grandjean Campground.

Day 4: Returning to the Beginning

We ate lunch in Grandjean and then continued to drive towards home. Once we got closer to Idaho Falls, we saw a roadside attraction Shoshone Ice Caves and stopped there. We took a 45 minute tour of an underground cave that was full of ice and then drove back to our starting point.